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We have come across some additional information that we wanted to share with you, in regards to more funding provided by the Canadian Federal Government to help everyone.  Not all of these may apply to you, but any that do, please be sure to apply for them.  There is also a handy photo attached that gives you action steps to take, depending on your situation, complete with website and or phone numbers.

Emergency Funds for COVID-19:


1.  GST credit - up to $300 single adults - $600 for couples 


2. Child Tax benefit Top up - $300 per child added on top of 

    what you receive already.


3. Student loan payments deferred

     -6 month timeframe 

     -no payments 

     -no interest accrual


4. Indigenous community based support fund 


5. $200 million provided for community resources

 -Shelters/homeless needs

 -Sexual assault/transition homes


6. 10% wage subsidy for small-medium sized businesses for employees.

 -$25,000 per employer


7. Ensured Mortgage Protection Program

-50 billion provided

-payment deferrals

-special payment arrangements 


8.  Bank Supports

-auto loans - deferral of payments possible

-contact bank directly 

-speak to your institutions


9. Personal Income Tax

-payment before September. 1st/2020 - extended deadline for income tax payments owed


-Filing deadline for Income Tax - June.1st/2020


10. Emergency Care Benefit

-Quarantined or caring for sick family member

-Providing $900 bi weekly

-Payment via direct deposit

-Will not require medical documentation

-Starting early April


11. Emergency support fund - $5 Billion

   -more info to come 


*Supply chains from groceries will maintain fair prices for Canadians